iPay (Pty) Ltd is a Cape Town, South Africa - based software and services company. iPay has developed the BizSwitch switching platform for online transactions including prepaid electricity, prepaid gas, prepaid water and prepaid airtime as well as electronic funds transfers (EFT's) and bill payments.

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Contact iPay

Phone: +27 (0) 21 180 4180

[Not for South African municipality consumer queries (i.e. regarding the "old iPay website") - instead call: 0861 220 244]

Email: info@ipay.co.za

Address: 46 Bell Crescent, Westlake, Cape Town, 7945


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46 Bell Crescent, Westlake, Cape Town, 7945

About iPay

iPay (Pty) Ltd is a South African based software and services company with its head office in Cape Town. iPay was established in 2003. iPay has a track record of delivering innovative software solutions that are comprehensive, reliable and affordable. Software development at iPay is managed in accordance with agile project management methods.

iPay forms partnerships with industry leaders in many countries in Africa and across the globe. Also, major utilities in more than 35 countries use iPay systems on a daily basis.

A number of certifications have been awarded to iPay including the PCI DSS Level 1 Security Certification, the STS Certification of Conformance, ESKOM's XmlVend Conformance Certification and the SA National Accreditation System's Broad-Based BEE Level 4 Contributor Status. Click here for more details.

The BizSwitch Platform

  • The BizSwitch platform, together with an iPay-supplied point of sale (POS) solution, provides an integrated end-to-end meter management system and prepaid electricity vending system, which is suitable for an electricity utility, a gas utility or any private utility or management company that wishes to implement prepaid metering and prepaid vending.

  • The STS-certified BizSwitch platform includes advanced meter management and prepaid token generation capabilities.

  • BizSwitch is on the forefront of emerging smart prepayment technology. It facilitates the implementation of smart metering including: AMR, AMI and thin prepayment.

  • The BizSwitch platform is offered as a Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) solution. Under the SAAS model, hosting and management is left to iPay, allowing the customer to concentrate on operations. The system is accessed and managed via web browser and secure internet connection. Click here for details of iPay's products.




Cape Town at night


iPay's exhibitor stand at African Utility Week Conference and Trade Exhibition.

iPay at African Utility Week


Qhakaza (South Africa)


Current certifications awarded to iPay and the BizSwitch platform.

PCI Certification

iPay was awarded the Payment Card Industry (PCI) DSS Level 1 Service Provider Certificate on 24 January 2013. This means the required level of security due diligence for storing, processing and transmitting payment card holder data was in place and verified. iPay continues to comply to PCI standards and as such renews it's compliance certification annually. Ipay's latest certificate of compliance was issued on 15 June 2021.


STS Certificate of Conformance

The Standard Transfer Specification (STS) Certificate of Conformance was awarded to BizSwitch on 14 October 2013 and was updated to cover Water, Gas, Electricity and Currency vending on 2 November 2015. Latest certification also covers STS 6 and STS Edition 2 on 23 August 2018.


Issued: 14 October 2013


Issued: 2 November 2015


Issued: 23 August 2018

ESKOM XmlVend Conformance

ESKOM, in June 2013, reconfirmed BizSwitch XmlVend 2.1 Conformance, first awarded in 2007, in this letter: XmlVend 2.1 Letter of Conformance

ISO Certification

The Business Standards Company (BSI) awarded the ISO 27001 certificate to iPay on 12 February 2019 in this Certificate of Registration


BEE Certification

In July 2014, according to the South African National Accreditation System, iPay was awarded the overall Broad-Based BEE Status of Level Four Contributor, as attested to, in this: BEE Certificate

Market Presence

iPay has an established market presence in more than 35 countries where major utilities use our systems on a daily basis. The BizSwitch platform processes over 300 million transactions worth over $1 billion annually. iPay has existing partnerships with industry leading companies in many countries in Africa and across the globe. See the map below for an indication of iPay's market presence as well as the list of utilities making use of iPay's software.

iPay Market Presence Map - Quantity indicates number of meters for which transactions are processed by iPay's BizSwitch software

iPay Market Presence Map



Utilities that either run iPay software, or on behalf of which, it is used to process vending:

  • Angola - EDEL
  • Angola - ENE
  • Azerbaijan - SOCAR
  • Belgium - Atos Worldline (on behalf of multiple utilities)
  • Brazil - Amazonas
  • Burkina Faso - SONABEL
  • Cape Verde Islands - Electra
  • East Timor - EDTL
  • Germany - Regional pilot
  • Guinea - EDG
  • Guinea Bissau - EAGB
  • Hungary - EON
  • Indonesia - PGN
  • Isle of Man - Manx Electricity Authority
  • Ivory Coast - CIE
  • Jersey (Channel Islands) - Jersey Electricity Plc
  • Kazakhstan - KTG
  • Kenya - KPLC
  • Liberia - LEC
  • Mali - EDM
  • Mayotte - EDF
  • Morocco - Veolia
  • Mozambique - EDM
  • Namibia - Cenored
  • Namibia - Nored
  • Nigeria - EKO
  • Peru - Electro Puno
  • Republic of Congo - SNE
  • Russia - MosoblGaz
  • Sierra Leone - BKPS
  • South Africa - ESKOM and multiple utilities
  • Swaziland - SEC
  • Tanzania - TANESCO
  • Zambia - ZESCO
  • Zimbabwe - ZETDC



The BizSwitch Platform constitutes iPay's flagship suite of products. BizSwitch is a switching platform for online transactions including prepaid electricity, prepaid gas, prepaid water and prepaid airtime as well as electronic funds transfers (EFT's) and bill payments. BizSwitch supports many different channels for processing transactions, including: Point of Sale (POS) terminals, ATM's, unattended kiosks, cellphone, web and 3rd-party vending. The BizSwitch platform is offered as a Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) solution. See this brochure for an overview of all of iPay's products: Brochure: iPay Products Overview

See below for more details of iPay's products and individual product brochures.


iPay's BizSwitch platform is offered as a Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) solution. Under the SAAS model, the hosting and management of the meter management and transaction processing technology is left to iPay, allowing the customer to concentrate their resources on operations and all other aspects of their business. The system is accessed and managed by the customer via a web browser and a secure internet connection. Software-as-a-Service solutions represent a low risk to the customer.

Vending: Electricity, Gas and Water

The platform facilitates the sale of prepaid electricity for Standard Transfer Specification (STS), smart and proprietary meters via a number of different channels including POS, voucher, mobile phone, web and third parties.

With simple modification to certain points-of-sale, other transfer methods such as smart cards could also be accommodated. See this brochure for more details: Brochure: Vending Electricity and Gas

Meter Management

iPay's Meter Management System facilitates the management of energy meters, energy tariffs, customers and auxiliary accounts while adhering to the Common Information Model (CIM) standard. STS, Thin/virtual and smart prepayment are supported.

See this brochure for more details: Brochure: Meter Management

Prepaid Airtime

Prepaid Airtime is managed via a secure store of centralised stock replenished directly from the network operator.

BizSwitch also has the ability to do direct GSM recharges - a paperless option direct to users' phones. For more information look for the section on prepaid airtime in this brochure: Brochure: iPay Products Overview

EFT Payments - Debit and Credit Cards

The platform is designed to communicate seamlessly via ISO 8583 to any financial acquiring or issuing institution.

This financial switching ability allows payments to be effected by approved credit cards and debit cards. See this brochure for more details: Brochure: EFT - Credit Cards, Mobile Wallets

Bill Payments

Bill payments for any authorised third party can be seamlessly collected via the BizSwitch Platform.

Payments are cross-references with unique ID numbers, and cash is transferred directly to the relevant receiver.

Bills can be paid at retail outlets, banks, via cellphones and the internet.

Field Forms

Field Forms facilitates the capture of data in the field, the management of tasks and the tracking of technicians by time and location. It comprises the Field Forms Administration web site and the Field Forms Mobile Android application. Example of Field Forms usage includes meter reading, survey data capture and any other form-based data capture processes. See this brochure for more details: Brochure: Field Forms

Point-of-Sale Terminals

In order to rapidly set up additional delivery channels, or just to fast track BizSwitch installation, low-cost terminals are available with pre-developed custom application software.

These terminals enable service providers to rapidly expand their service delivery base, and simultaneously establish a new distribution business.

Prepaid Electricity and Gas Vending - Overview

Electricity Vending Overview